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How Can I Stick to My Diet? 10 Top Tips to Help You Succeed

Starting a diet is somewhat easy but sticking to it is the difficult part. As a general rule find a diet that suits you and your lifestyle. Psychology plays a major part in any diet plan so follow our top ten tips and you are sure to succeed.

Dieting Tip 1. Why Do You Want To Diet?

Identify why you want to diet. We each have our reasons for dieting which are often as individual as we are. Using index write a reason for dieting on each card Whenever you feel you want to break your diet taking a glance at these cards will surely help you to stay on track.

Dieting Tip 2. Thought Control

Identify thoughts that give you permission to eat and prepare responses. These negative thoughts that sabotage your diet always precede spontaneous eating. By learning to counteract them and recognising what triggers these thoughts will help you to stick to your diet plan.

Dieting Tip 3. Identify Hunger

Real hunger is usually felt in the stomach. It is easy to mistake hunger for thirst. As a general rule if your lips are dry it will be the latters In order to correctly identify whether or not you are hungry you need to feel real hunger. Simply skip a meal or go several hours without food and you will be able to recognise the difference.

Dieting Tip 4. Emotional Eating

Break the link between emotions and eating Eating is a physiological need; Emotions are related to psychology.. Any emotion, especially unfavourable emotions will still be there when you have finished your food binge. Working out a coping strategy and accepting that the emotion you feel isn’t hunger is an effective mechanism for destroying this negative link.

Dieting Tip 5. Maximise Your Eating Experience

Make the most of your eating experience.Eating slowly ultimately leaves you feeling fuller. Always sit down to eat as you will be far more comfortable and less inclined to rush. Make your calorific intake count by choosing meals that you enjoy and therefore wish to savour. Dining out needn’t be a problem. All restaurants offer suitable alternatives that wont interfere with your diet plan.

Dieting Tip 6. Prepare Meal Plans

By planning your meals in advance you reduce the risk of breaking your diet. Make a list of what you will each and on which day. Tick each meal off as you go along, that way you will have a record of what you intend to consume. Any deviations should also be listed against the relevant date. This way it may be easier to isolate scheduled meals that leave you feeling hungry or discontented.

Dieting Tip 7. Resistance Training

Every time you break your diet you are reinforcing the self believe that it is OK to do so. STOP… Break this bad habit and ultimate impediment to a slimmer you. Recognise the strength of this reinforcement and use it to build up your resistance in a positive way.

Dieting Tip 8. Thought Control

Dieters are constantly aware of the inner battle that precedes an unscheduled eat. This battle causes tension which can be eliminated by giving in and breaking your diet. Try compiling a list of alternative methods of alleviating this tension, such as going for a walk, telephone call etc.

Dieting Tip 9. Triggers

Be honest with yourself. Think about what triggers a deviation from your diet plan and employ avoidance techniques. If this is not possible then your reasons for dieting index cards will act as a reliable back-up.

Dieting Tip 10. Absolution

If you do break your diet then don’t wait until the following day to resume it. START… Right now and get right back on track. Beating yourself up will only serve to de-motivate.

A Golf Swing Tip To Remember

How many golf swing tips can you remember. If you’re an avid (and fanatic) golfer, you look for a tip for your golf swing daily. I know I went through a phase when that was the case. I would read every magazine front to back. I bought every video that came out. And I would ask for a golf tip right on the course. I was a golf tip junkie at the time.

A Tip For Your Swing

If I were to say one thing you should remember is…make sure a tip is directly applicable to your current swing faults and mishits. Don’t worry about any other advice. Focus on your swing, and making it as good as you can.

So many times golfers here or read more tips than their brains can retain, and the old “paralysis-by-analysis” sets in. Has that ever happened to you? You get to the course with all these great tips in your head then you blank when you start your round. Man…what a crappy feeling to not know what you are doing on the course with your swing or how to correct it.

Here’s a golf tip I’ve used in my swing that works great during the middle of a round.

It is very common to start getting quick with your swing as the round progresses. Your body is warmed up, and your brain says, “lets air it out a bit”. So you start swinging quicker and harder, causing your timing and sequence of motion to be altered.

I do a 1-2-3 count during my swing to get my tempo back. That is I count one on the take away. Two at the to of my swing (it feels like I’m pausing a bit), then three on the way down and into my finish. It literally feels like my swing is in slow motion, but I end up hitting the ball just as far, and with much better tempo and swing mechanics.

I hope you give this a try, if you feel your swing is getting quick. A golf swing tip [http://www.golfinstructionguide.com/golf-swing-instruction/heres-a-golf-swing-tip-to-hit-more-fairways.php] like this can get you back on track instantly.