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Budget Travel Tips to Save You Money

Saving money while traveling does not mean you have to scrimp on your vacation. You can enjoy the sights and sounds as well as the traveler who paid full price. And unlike the traveler who paid full-price for his/her vacation, you will have the benefit of knowing that you have money left over to plan your next money saving trip!

1. Rent an automobile: sometimes the cost of renting a car can be cheaper than taking the airport shuttle. If driving on your next vacation, you can save money by renting a car that has better fuel economy than the one you own – not to mention the wear-and-tear that you save on your own vehicle

2. Book your own reservations: One of the ways I have saved money for traveling is by booking my own hotel, air, and car reservations. Visit the all-inclusive websites (Travelocity, Orbitz, etc.); when you see a price that is appealing, go to the individual airline, hotel, or car rental website to book the reservation yourself. Become a frequent traveler and you may save even more! See about booking your own entertainment venues online as well – museums, theme parks, historical sights, etc.

3. Eat meals in your room: you can save money while traveling by eating breakfast or lunch in your room or at the local park or beach. Go by the local grocer and pack a great lunch and, weather permitting, have a picnic! This is not only a great way to save money while traveling but can be an opportunity to get outdoors with the family or a romantic interlude for couples

4. Travel during the off-season: in many cases, travel locations have a peak season (most expensive) and an off-season. If you have a flexible schedule, consider traveling during a non-peak season; this one budget travel tip can save you $100’s.

These are just a few tips to help you save money on your next vacation. Saving money while traveling is half the fun when planning my trips. I have found that budget travel affords me the same benefits as those who pay full price, and I do not sacrifice any enjoyment. Challenge yourself and see how much money you can save while traveling on your next vacation!

Why Now is the Best Time to Travel Around the World

When I first went away in 2006, people always wished they could do what I was doing. For some people it is easy to just jump ship and travel. Others just need a gentle nudge. For me, all it took was a trip to Thailand before I was quitting my job and telling my friends I was going to travel. For others it is a lot harder. They are more tied down, more afraid, more uncertain. They want to do it but, instead of the nudge I needed, they need a full on push. So here is my push. Here are seven good reasons to travel around the world:

There’s a recession. With the world economy in a tailspin and companies slashing jobs, there is a lot of economic uncertainty. Avoid it all. Go travel. If you quit your job, sell your stuff and travel, you won’t have to worry about it. In fact, prices are dropping as the tourist industry tries harder to get people to go overseas. Come back when the economy is better.

It’s better than working. Working is work. Sitting behind a desk for eight hours, commuting to work, worrying about bosses and reports is not our idea of a good time. Let’s face it, between worrying about next month’s budget or sitting on a beach in Asia, everyone would choose the beach. So why are you behind your desk?

It’s not as expensive as you think. Everyone thinks that traveling is expensive but it’s not. You can travel quiet cheaply by flying low cost airlines, staying in hostels, or with locals who offer you their home. The locals don’t spend a fortune in their own city.

You learn about yourself. Travel helps you figure out what makes you you and what you really like or dislike. Forced to fend for yourself, it is do or die. You have to adapt to your surroundings, meet other people, make your own decisions, and plan your life.

You meet a lot of people. There is not a day that doesn’t go by where you don’t meet people doing the same thing you are. You’ll meet locals who will take you around and open their homes and city to you. What more can you ask for in life than meeting wonderful people and creating a network of friends that encompasses the globe. You’ll meet so many people you’ll wish you had some time to yourself.

You learn about other cultures. The world is a big place and globalization has made it much more complex and interconnected. You’ll never begin to understand all the other players in the world or why people do what they do by sitting at home. Traveling will make other cultures and people more than just a face on the news.

You’ll make everyone jealous. Let’s face it- everyone wants to travel the world but few people do. Do it and make everyone at home jealous of you, your stories, and your photos. While they work all day, you explore the world. They’ll regret asking you how your day was after you tell them what you did.