Top 10 Camping Tips

We all love to unwind and take a breather. We love to explore nature at its pristine beauty. Generally speaking, we love to camp.

But do you think camping is as easy as strolling along the shores? Or perhaps you are thinking of something adventurous, like riding on the back of an elephant? Pretty simple as they seem, but once you get there, you’ll need more than anything you have planned. Camping is not merely a day out in the sun; more often, it is a much-needed adventure for many. And it would be more fun if it involves a lot of daring challenges.

For you to have the best adventure ever, here are the top ten tips you must consider before you hit the camp site:

Tip #1: Plan the activities that you will be doing out there whether you will be in Yosemite or at the Grand Canyon. You can hunt with your Air soft. You can learn using twigs for your campfire, or try some wild edible fruits or maybe go trout fishing in the nearest stream. Who knows you’ll end up in Ernest Hemingway’s lake cabin one of these days. But even so, how about playing volleyball, or windsurfing as you feel like being on top of great waves?

Tip #2: Make a list of all your personal effects. A camper needs to be meticulous with his camp needs. Bring extra clothes but not the whole closet. You have to be wiser than that.

Tip #3: Never forget your comfortable camp chairs. Camping is not it without the campfire. Your camp chair will make a lovely pair with the camp fire as allies for relaxation.

Tip #4: Don’t forget your matches, unless you are training yourself to make fire out of rocks.

Tip #5: Choose to bring a tent that can give you just enough space for sleeping; that is if you plan of sleeping alone. Get one that’s water resistant. You can’t live in a makeshift tree house when the rain strikes.

Tip #6: A small pillow will make great sleeping aid. Make sure it can fit inside your back pack though; otherwise it’s more of a burden.

Tip #7: Pack along your sleeping bag. A tent is not enough when it gets colder and a blanket is just so much trouble.

Tip #8: Bring all necessary supplies from insect repellants to aspirin. You don’t know when misfortune will strike.

Tip #9: Bring anything that you often use to calm your nerves, whether it is a guitar, a flute or what have you.

Tip #10: Be responsible for yourself and your team. No man is an island during camping. That’s why you need to make sure there’s extra space in your tent.