A Golf Swing Tip To Remember

How many golf swing tips can you remember. If you’re an avid (and fanatic) golfer, you look for a tip for your golf swing daily. I know I went through a phase when that was the case. I would read every magazine front to back. I bought every video that came out. And I would ask for a golf tip right on the course. I was a golf tip junkie at the time.

A Tip For Your Swing

If I were to say one thing you should remember is…make sure a tip is directly applicable to your current swing faults and mishits. Don’t worry about any other advice. Focus on your swing, and making it as good as you can.

So many times golfers here or read more tips than their brains can retain, and the old “paralysis-by-analysis” sets in. Has that ever happened to you? You get to the course with all these great tips in your head then you blank when you start your round. Man…what a crappy feeling to not know what you are doing on the course with your swing or how to correct it.

Here’s a golf tip I’ve used in my swing that works great during the middle of a round.

It is very common to start getting quick with your swing as the round progresses. Your body is warmed up, and your brain says, “lets air it out a bit”. So you start swinging quicker and harder, causing your timing and sequence of motion to be altered.

I do a 1-2-3 count during my swing to get my tempo back. That is I count one on the take away. Two at the to of my swing (it feels like I’m pausing a bit), then three on the way down and into my finish. It literally feels like my swing is in slow motion, but I end up hitting the ball just as far, and with much better tempo and swing mechanics.

I hope you give this a try, if you feel your swing is getting quick. A golf swing tip [http://www.golfinstructionguide.com/golf-swing-instruction/heres-a-golf-swing-tip-to-hit-more-fairways.php] like this can get you back on track instantly.