Budget Hotels in Delhi

Delhi, the capital city of India, is a travel hub of Northern India. The city comprises of two contrasting yet harmonious parts, the Old Delhi and New Delhi. New Delhi is a buzzing and the third largest city in the world. There are monuments, museums, galleries, gardens, shopping hangouts in the both the parts of this great city. Delhi offers amazing nightlife for the segment of people who love discos, pubs and bars. Delhi is the second most widely used entry point into the country, being on the route of most major airlines. It is well linked by rail, air and road to all parts of the country.

It is an irony that most of the travellers who visit Delhi believe that only 5 star hotels are the best place to stay in. It is because of the mindset of foreign visitors that they think hotels which are rated 5 star can only provide luxury, comfort and round the clock service. No doubt, it is true that these hotels provide quality and timely services. But there are many budget hotels in Delhi which also provide luxury and services of International standards. Therefore, it would be wise to enjoy luxury at budget price and it is important to learn where these type of hotels are located.

Though one would find hotels and guest houses in almost all localities of Delhi, but hotels in areas like Karolbagh, Paharganj and Connaught Place offer real value for your money. The hotels in these areas provide comfortable stay and high quality services which are no less than those provided by costlier hotels rated 3 and above. Since, these hotels are not very large (most of these hotels have rooms between 10 to 30) one gets personalized services.

The economy hotels situated in Karolbagh, Paharganj and Connaught Place are very near to Railway Stations, Airports and major shopping malls and markets. Even most of the business centers are also easily accessible from these hotels.

These localities have so many hotels that the visitor very often gets confused which hotel to choose. Some of the hotels which are renowned and provide world class services are Hotel Suncity in Karolbagh, Hotel Volga International, Hotel J.J. International, Hotel VIP Deluxe, Hotel Jam International and Hotel $ Inn in Paharganj. These hotels are excellent for many reasons. They offer inexpensive yet clean and homey accommodation. These budget hotels have all the key features including inbuilt restaurant, Internet cafe, conference rooms and wide variety of rooms.

Choose the Best Dog Food For Your Dogs

Loving pet owners strive to give the best dog food to their dogs. But with all the products in the market, it can be a challenge to find one that is suitable for your pooch. Even if you do research, you can still end up empty handed on the decision on which the best dog food is due to conflicting information about dog nutrition and health.

But dogs are just like human beings and other animals whose ideal food to eat is real food. Many misconstrue dog pet food as the only kind of food that their pet dogs should eat. This is mistaken because pet food was made for the convenience it brings. Real food for dogs can be cooked or raw depending on the preference of your pet.

Today, however, pet owners just don’t have the time to prepare their dog’s meals. Nevertheless, they still want their pets to get the best dog food possible. For those who can afford it, there is actually real food for dogs available in the market.

These foods are kept in separate containers and can be used to customize a meal plan for a dog. Unlike homemade food, real foods for dogs that can be bought are specially formulated to meet your dog’s dietary requirements. This kind of dog food is undoubtedly the best but it can be very costly.

This is the reason why many pet owners prefer to get kibble or canned food for their dogs. In the market, you can expect to find quality kibble and canned dog food. Those who feed their dogs with real food can also benefit from canned food or kibble during travel and emergencies.

To choose the best dog food, kibble or canned, you have to check out its ingredients list first. Your pet food should have specific and recognizable ingredients. The use of by-products is a big no-no. The best food should have a specific meat or meat meal as its primary ingredient. Additional ingredients that make up the best dog food include vegetables, fruits, and a minimal amount of grain. Should your pet food use preservatives, make sure it is in the form of natural Vitamin E or Vitamin C.

Although you can buy pet food in your grocery store, it is not necessarily the best food for dogs out there. Some of the best pet foods can be found at veterinary clinics, feed stores, and organic food stores. As a dog owner, you have the responsibility of researching the brand you are interested in giving to your dog. It doesn’t necessarily follow that if you buy pet food from a feed store, it is the best already. You have to take a hand in deciding the best food for your dog.

Good pet food manufacturers will also see to it that their customers’ concerns are attended to properly and promptly. If you are unsure about your choice, you can always call them and ask them about their products. They will be more than willing to assist you with your concern.

The best dog food is a combination of suitability, reliability, dog preference and price. In the end, it is your dog that will be consuming it anyway. Therefore, you have to choose one that he will like and that will give him the nutrients he needs.

Reasons Why Maldives Is A Premium Honeymoon Destination

Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s a small tropical country composed of hundreds of heart captivating islands which is 250 miles away from the Southwest India. It brags about the famous heart-shaped island providing luxury, romance and relaxation for couple guests.

June is the most popular month for wedding ceremonies, followed by August, September and October. If you are one of the June brides and grooms who are still unsure if Maldives is the right place for your honeymoon, here are more good reasons why it is a perfect premium honeymoon destination for couples who want to experience the magic of a secluded tropical island.

Best Resorts With Numerous Options

Maldives offers numerous hotel options for guests. Honeymooners are guaranteed to have a luxurious stay featuring all-water accommodation, plenty of rooms designed for couples and adults, best spa with medical assistance, access to lagoons, deluxe swimming pool choices, beautiful corals, villas, conserved marine life, underwater restaurants and many more.

Plenty Of Activities To Do

Your stay in this premium honeymoon destination will become more enjoyable as there are plenty of things to do. Honeymooners can explore and try various activities such as taking photos of stunning sceneries, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, swimming at the turquoise lagoon and pools, get a relaxing massage at the spa, go fishing day or night, join water sports and get a closer encounter with whales. There can be no better idea than visiting the place to explore its hidden beauty.

Island Hopping

Island hopping is the best way to discover the highlights of Maldives’s islands. Honeymooners can choose to travel from one island to the other to check out lavish resorts, beautiful beaches and many other features that the island has to offer. Couples can also try exploring the forests, get involved with various water-based activities or simply walk and enjoy the fine white sands.

Good Customer Service

Maldives does not only offer wonderful scenery and experience. Further, this premium honeymoon destination has friendly and service oriented staff ready to assist the guests with their needs.

Delicious Foods

In addition to the country’s best resorts, beaches and interesting activities, Maldives atolls also take pride its Maldivian cuisine featuring the Sri Lanka, Indian, Oriental and Arabic tastes mixed together to come up with a unique and delicious cuisine.

Crystal Clear Water

The country is a paradise of crystal clear water rich with amazing sea creatures and reefs. The water is perfect for snorkeling and diving from its 2 to 12 feet water depth. There are over 1,000 coral islands and 2000 species of fish waiting to be discovered.

For couples who want to relax and enjoy each other after the hectic wedding, Maldives is the perfect choice. With its first-class hotels, excellent service, delicious cuisines and crystal clear water, you definitely can’t go wrong here.

Seven Major Differences Between Chinese and American Business Cultures

Understanding cultural difference is the key in building lasting relationships with your business partners abroad. China has a long and rich history and culture that has built a business environment that is markedly different than U.S. business culture:

1. Relationship-based versus transaction-based

Relationships come before economics in China whereas in the U.S. economics generally take a front row seat to relationships. Chinese people do business with people they know and trust.

Rather than getting into business discussion immediately once you meet, take time and get to know your potential partners abroad; invest now for payoff later. Once trust has been built, Chinese business people will gladly share their thoughts with you and will give you honest feedback. One way to build the trust and rapport is to hang out outside the office hour, for instance, invite them to lunch or dinner.

2. Face to face interactions versus doing business without meeting in person

Most of Chinese business activities and deals are made through face-to-face interactions. To successfully launch in China, you will need to visit China and build relationships with your partners through frequent face-to-face interactions. To accommodate Chinese business culture norms, many American companies have opened offices and hired locals in China to facilitate business in this foreign market. Other American companies form partnerships with local companies to bypass the need to establish a branch or office abroad.

3. Negotiations: prepare to haggle

There is a huge difference in the way negotiations take place in the U.S versus China. Chinese people tend to haggle and to believe that there is room for negotiation on every deal. U.S companies need to make a padded proposal. Always start with a reasonable proposal regardless and expect multiple rounds of negotiations.

4. Entertaining is a part of business

In China, entertaining (hosting) is an integral part of the business culture. In most instances, inviting potential partners or employees to dinner is appropriate and considered an informal meeting. A dinner with potential business partners may be used as a way to build trust and deepen a relationship. It may be used as a way to solicit feedback that you may be unable to obtain during the standard workday or in the typical work setting. A dinner or other social outing is also an appropriate way to follow up with deals informally agreed upon.

5. Communication style

Chinese people tend to be quiet and reserved in business settings while Americans tend to be outspoken and eloquent. This cultural difference may make it challenging for U.S. companies to obtain the information they seek such as concerns, feedback, outright rejections, etc. Many times it may take a series of formal and informal meetings to reach your desired goal.

6. Closing a deal

Unlike in the U.S., in China the signing of a contract does not mean immediate business. After a contract is signed, understand that this is the beginning of the arrangement; follow up with your new partner and look for actions. Actions taken on the Chinese company’s or partner’s parts indicated commitment. Do not hesitate to suggest specific actions such as having a detailed discussion on next steps or suggesting a trial purchase order.

7. Gifting

Exchanging gifts has a long history in Chinese social and business culture. The good gifts include something representing the city or state you are from or things with your company logo. Gifts do not have to be expensive. It is something special that this person may not have. When you present a gift to an individual, it should be done privately. You should state that this gift is a gesture of friendship rather than business. When you gift to an organization, it should be presented to the leader of the organization. Gifts to avoid include scissors, clocks, handkerchiefs and others with negative meanings in China. Please run your gift ideas by several Chinese friends, family members, or co-workers before sending them to your current or potential business partners.